The Fallen Star: Fire-Striker

Witch/Astral Traveler/Astralkin/Otherkin/College Student/Cat lover/Mated

Fiscal Policy is the government’s effort to government
— Me trying to write notes for mid term for intro to business. Derp is strong tonight.

Past life feels Q_Q *trembling*

Kamisama Kiss became a more relatable anime after getting pulled into Astral shiz. Laughing ass off a lot more often with that.

turns on pandora

 first song is plucked with irony

spit take


oh just so everyone knows: if you’re like me and you get anxiety whenever you see someone vagueblogging because you think it’s about you even though you never did anything remotely similar to what’s being talked about, it is always okay to pop into my askbox and ask if i’m talking about you, and i’ll say “no” and i won’t be annoyed or anything no matter how often this happens.

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